The 2024 legislative session has come to an end. In just 45 days, we scrutinized hundreds of bills, crafted a $29B balanced budget, and invested in Utah’s future. We enacted policies to protect Utah’s water, energy, and natural resources while protecting the environment. We put students and teachers first by making teaching more rewarding, revamping school safety, and removing school fees. We invested in our state’s transportation and housing needs, and ensured Utah can lead in innovation while protecting our data. We made government more efficient by reducing the number of government boards and commissions, overhauling higher education, and strengthening our criminal justice system. We also cut taxes for the 4th consecutive year. I am profoundly grateful to represent you and thank you for your unwavering support.

Prior to the start of the session, we identified four key areas that warranted our attention:

  • People: Elevating opportunities for Utahns including families, taxpayers, students, teachers, etc.;
  • Resources: Protecting and maximizing resources for Utahns–water, energy, and lands;
  • Accountable Government: Improving systems, processes, and institutions for Utahns; and
  • Future: Ensuring a bright and bold future for Utahns–housing, transportation, & technology.

Below I highlight some of the legislation we passed to further these priorities. Complementing these priorities, I was proud to sponsor a diverse range of legislation from protecting minors from the harms of social media, increasing religious freedom protections for all Utahns, providing more efficiency and local control in Salt Lake County, and more.