Legislative Results

2023 Legislative Results


We made it to the end of the 2023 General Session! I am proud of what we were able to accomplish this session to better the life of Utahns. Thank you to those of you who have reached out and expressed your thoughts and concerns. I hope I have represented you well.

Bills Passed I Sponsored 

  • HB12: Department of Commerce Electronic Payment Fees
  • HB102: Higher Education Residency Amendments
  • HB174: Conviction Reduction Amendments
  • HB192: Traffic Violation Amendments
  • HB209: Participation in Extracurricular Activities Amendments
  • HB311: Social Media Usage Amendments
  • HB351: County Recorder Modifications
  • HB353: Sales Tax Return Requirements
  • HB357: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Amendments
  • HB358: County Auditor Amendments
  • HB365: Voter Affiliation Amendments
  • HB374: County Sheriff Amendments

Additionally, I was the House floor sponsor for the following passed Senate bills:

  • SB67: Juvenile Commitment Amendments
  • SB81: Property Tax Deferral Revisions
  • SB152: Social Media Regulation Amendments
  • SB160: Blockchain Liability Amendments
  • SB220: Juvenile Court Judge Amendments
  • SB230: Kickback Prohibition Amendments

2023 General Session Recap

In addition to the legislation I personally sponsored, this session as the House Majority Caucus we set out we focused our efforts around three important policy pillars:

  • Stewardship (Water, Energy, and Land Management)
  • Affordability (Lowering Taxes, Reducing Government Overreach, and Increasing Housing Affordability)
  • Investment (Education, School Safety, and Transportation

2022 Legislative Results

Bills Passed I Sponsored
  • HB 91: Financial Disclosures Amendments
  • HB111: Court-appointed Therapists Amendments
  • HB139: Traffic Violation Amendments
  • HB183: In-person Learning Amendments
  • HB218: Ballot Measure Amendments
  • HB318: Dental Provider Malpractice Amendments
  • HB329: Weapon Possession Penalty Amendments
  • HB335: Blockchain and Digital Innovation Task Force
  • HB456: Digital User Asset Payment Amendments
  • HCR5: Concurrent Resolution Condemning the Undemocratic Government of Venezuela

Additionally, I was the House floor sponsor for the following passed Senate bills:

  • SB57: County Amendments
  • SB182: Digital Asset Amendments
  • SB213: Business Name Prohibitions
2022 General Session Recap

In addition to the legislation I personally sponsored, this session as the House Majority Caucus we set out we focused our efforts around five ambitious policy priorities. The following will help us meet the pressing needs of today and embrace the opportunities of tomorrow:

  • Conserve, optimize and preserve Utah’s water
  • Keep life affordable for all Utahns
  • Drive innovation in education
  • Promote sustainable growth rather than rapid expansion
  • Make large-scale strategic investments that are sure to have generational impacts
  • Secondary Water Metering (HB242): Provides grants for secondary water meters which reduces water use by 20-30%
  • Instream Water Flow (HB33): $50 million for Agricultural Water Optimization; Incentivizes farmers and ranchers to conserve and optimize water. This keeps more water in rivers and streams, and improves water quality.
  • $25 million in ARPA Rural Drinking Water Projects
  • Great Salt Lake (HB157HB410HB429): Support water conservation efforts and fund environmental protection projects through increased coordination and strategic planning.
  • Utah Lake (HB232HB240): Establishes efforts to restore the lake through the Utah Lake Authority.
    • TAX CUTS (SB59HB444): Income tax cut, Social Security tax credit, and earned income tax credit.
    • Retail Facility Incentive Payments (HB151): Realigns economic incentives to address government policies that have distorted the housing market in the state.
    • Child Care Amendments (HB15): Reduces barriers and increases availability of affordable childcare for the 98,482 Utah kids who currently do not have access.
    • Statewide Government Employee Compensation: (SB8HB8): Increase state employee compensation to attract and retain a quality workforce amid significant market competition.
    • Education Innovation (HB386): Creates flexibility for innovation inside Utah classrooms.
    • Early Literacy Outcomes (SB127): Establishes a K-3rd grade reading program to improve literacy in students throughout the state.
      • 6% increase to WPU (per-pupil funding)
      • Teacher Professional Development (HB 184)
      • Paid Professional Hours for Educators (HB 396)
      • $64 million for Educator Professional Development Time
      • Increased the education budget by $383 million (9%)
      • Economic Development (HB35HB333): Restructure economic development incentives to meet future workforce needs throughout the state, especially in rural Utah.
      • SUSTAINABLE FUNDING FOR OUTDOOR RECREATION (HB409HB125, HB305): Consolidates state outdoor recreation efforts and establishes sustainable funding sources.
      • First Responder Mental Health (HB23): Provides mental health and counseling services to first responders and their families.
      • Transportation
        • $1 Billion Dollars for transportation projects
        • Consolidate transit and road development projects under one roof to build and expand transit in our state (HB322).
      • Criminal Justice Reform (HB28SB179HB403): Refine criminal justice processes and gather data to better understand and improve outcomes for individuals in our justice system.
      • Utah Inland Port Authority (HB443): Restructures the Utah Inland Port Authority to boost Utah’s status as the crossroads of the world to improve environmental, economic, and community outcomes. Over the next 30 years, Utah Inland Port is projected to reduce emissions by 18-21%.
      • Point of the Mountain Project (HB438): Approximately $200 million to Point of the Mountain projects. Accomplishes our plan to use the prison land at the Point of the Mountain to provide statewide benefits for the taxpayers in our state.

2021 Legislative Results

Bills Passed I Sponsored
  • HB136: Initiative and Referenda Modifications
  • HB159: Higher Education Speech
  • HB197: Voter Affiliation Amendments
  • HB256: County Land Use and Development Amendments
  • HB312: State Residency Amendments
  • HB316: Common Law Marriage Amendments
  • HB324: Alimony Amendments
  • HB373: Conviction Reduction Amendments

Additionally, I was the House floor sponsor for the following passed Senate bill:

  • SB75: Community Association Fund Amendments
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